About Us

Discovering the Truth by Determining the Facts

Origin and Cause provides cross-disciplinary forensic expertise to insurance companies, law firms, independent adjusters, manufacturers and corporate risk managers. We have been a trusted leader for over 30 years, helping our clients discover the truth by determining the facts through expert investigation. Our team has completed over 30,000 cases, so you know you are working with highly trained, extremely skilled professionals with years of hands-on experience.

Our reputation is built on our integrity and commitment to the facts. We guarantee unbiased opinions based on factual evidence determined through scientific methodology, examination and laboratory testing. Every investigation is led by a forensic expert with an average of 25 years’ experience.

Leadership Team

Mazen Habash

President & Consulting Forensic Engineer

Ken Swan

Vice President Western & Eastern Canada and Fire & Explosion Investigator

Shauna Hall

Branch Manager

George Costandi

Director – National Sales and Marketing

Vladimir Chlistovsky

Forensic Engineer and GTA Operations Manager

Art Beleda

Vice President Eastern Canada and Fire & Explosion Investigator

Peter Hamilton

Fire & Explosion Investigator and Atlantic Canada Manager

Steve Klimpel

Fire & Explosion Investigator and Operations Manager – Northern and Eastern Ontario/Atlantic Canada

Matthew Obach

Forensic Engineer and Branch Manager

Ryan Dobson

Fire & Explosion Investigator and Branch Manager

Adam Lohonyai

Structural Forensics Practice Lead

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with many of the members of the Origin & Cause Engineering team and have been consistently impressed with the professionalism and knowledge they bring to even the most complex loss scenes. From investigation to trial their experience and integrity have been critical components to many successful claim investigations.”



"I have relied on Origin & Cause Inc. since their inception and I continue to do so because they deliver timely, professional and accurate results. Everyone I’ve dealt with there has been reliable, thorough and knowledgeable."



"I have utilized Origin & Cause since their inception for a multitude of tasks ranging from fire investigations to product failures to structural issues. The list goes on with their expertise. They have always done an exemplary job. They have the right people for the right claim situation. Their findings have not only helped conclude first party and liability claims, but also assisted with subrogation. I would recommend them to anyone."



"I have been using Origin and Cause for many years. Their expertise and knowledge is well known in the industry not only for their professionalism, but for their sensitivity in how they deal with all parties involved. Origin and Cause are more than helpful during their investigations and are very well connected which assists us in receiving information for the further handling of our file. The reports that we receive from Origin and Cause are timely and an excellent product always provided to us. We are pleased to endorse the work of Origin and Cause here in Winnipeg and we look forward to working with them for many years to come."



"Origin and Cause offers the expertise I require frequently. I can depend on Mazen, Richard, Dinu, Michelle and the others for rapid response on short notice. Their knowledge and experience has been realized time and time again. I can rely on their thorough investigations and honest opinions."



"I am very pleased with Origin and Cause's past and ongoing assistance on claims investigations to finding cause of the loss. I have to note that Origin and Cause investigators are very efficient with response time, very knowledgeable and provide a great experience with thorough investigation and competitive pricing. I would recommend using Origin and Cause in future."



"As an insurance adjuster dealing with several complicated claims, it is imperative I have credible expertise to rely upon in a timely and professional manner. I can always count on Origin and Cause to provide quick, knowledgeable and thorough service. Having worked with Mazen and his team for several years, they have the experience and integrity to get the job done in today’s demanding industry."



"I have been dealing with John Coull at Origin and Cause for over 5 years now. As an independent adjuster I need vendors to be prompt, efficient and thorough in the task assigned to them. Over the years, John (& Origin and Cause) have continuously impressed me with his expertise, vast knowledge and excellent service. His reports are concise and easy to read and makes it so that there’s just one less thing for me to worry about."



Operations Team

George Costandi

Director – National Sales and Marketing

Shauna Hall

Ancaster Branch Manager

Tony Thibaudeau

Western Canada Sales Director

Jackie Maric

Accounts Manager

Steve Skedden

Evidence Coordinator

Viola Healey

Administrative Assistant

Carolyn Albornoz

Executive Assistant and Administration Supervisor

Jennifer Wiens

Vehicle System Forensic Investigator

Sandra Alteen

Administrative Assistant

Kajal Briah

Administrative Assistant

Gayle Swan

Administrative Assistant

Shaundra Morrison

Administrative Assistant

Alyssa Hinder

Administrative Assistant

Alexa Leighton

Administrative Assistant