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Advanced Compact Drones

June 30, 2020

Origin and Cause is able to deploy a wide assortment of compact drone systems to restricted scenes and confined spaces in order to accurately collect data, digital photos, and videos crucial to the investigation. Our team of structural engineers direct the professional certified drone pilot to fly the drone inside areas which otherwise would be hazardous or unsafe to access for inspection. Our ability to fly the interior and exterior of a site when access would be otherwise prohibited or dangerous provides our clients with all the information required for the structural evaluation of compromised facilities without costly shoring measures and delays. The prop guards of our drones provide protection when flying in confined spaces. The self-heating technology of our Inspire 2 aircraft allows it to fly even in below-freezing temperatures. We are able to live broadcast the drone-assisted inspection to our clients and to other investigators if they are unable to attend the inspection in-person.

Sample Applications
  • Damaged structures which are prohibited or dangerous to enter
  • Interior and exterior drone inspections of trusses and roof lines
  • High resolution photographic documentation thanks to the drone‚Äôs powerful image processing system
  • Flights in confined spaces including attics, crawlspaces, and collapsed structures
Key Features
  • Assortment of drones utilized by Origin and Cause for multiple inspection applications
  • Drone operator with Advanced Drone Pilot Certification by Transport Canada
  • High Definition digital photography and video collected
  • Provides a unique perspective to our investigations both to the interior and exterior of structures