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Professional Infrared Thermal Imager

July 15, 2020

The Fluke TiR3 IR is a professional grade thermal imager designed specifically for building inspections so that problems could be identified accurately and quickly. The use of thermal imaging helps diagnose potential water and air leakage problems and ensures repairs are done correctly the first time. The infrared technology allows the blending of digital visible light images —like a normal digital camera— and infrared images into a single photo with greatly enhanced detail allowing locating problem areas with ease. This is especially helpful where the temperature differential is small and infrared contours may appear to be all one colour.

Sample Applications

  • Detect and isolate water saturation quickly and efficiently in walls and roofs
  • Identify the likely origin of moisture and mold growth prior to tear out
  • Inspect remedial work to make sure treated areas are completely dry
  • Find air leakage spots and assess potential for condensation

Key Features

  • IR resolution of 320 X 240 pixels, making it able to clearly show problem areas on its 5″ LCD digital display
  • With a thermal sensitivity of <0.07°C, this camera detects problem areas faster and easier
  • Calibrated to measure temperatures ranging from -20°C to 100°C with +2°C accuracy
  • Automatically merges visual and infrared images to give more accurate and easier-to-read results