Continuing Education

Ontario Building Code Requirements for Spiral and Angled Stairs

April 28, 2021

1. Scope

This technical note covers the requirements of the Ontario Building Code (OBC) for the construction of spiral and angled stairs (stairs constructed of straight-run with curved-run and/or winders). Stairs that consist of straight runs (rectangular) are covered under technical note # 101. This technical note provides a summary of the main requirements as stipulated in the 2012 edition of the OBC and a review of any changes to these requirements since the first edition of the OBC that came into effect in 1975.

2. Objective

This note was developed to help explain the various OBC requirements for spiral and angled stairs and the evolution of these requirements, beginning in 1975 when the first OBC came into effect until the current edition of the code published in 2012. This technical note also serves as a quick guide to identify the building code requirements that were applicable to spiral and angled stairs at the time of their construction. Property owners and managers, risk management professionals, designers, and insurance adjusters will find this technical note to be a useful resource to identify potential areas of concern, carry out modifications that might be needed to meet the OBC requirements, and reduce the hazard of personal injury to stair users.

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