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Origin and Cause has been Canada’s trusted forensic engineering and fire investigation firm for the past 30 years. We provide cross-disciplinary expertise to law firms, insurance companies, corporate risk managers, and independent adjusters in Kingston and across Canada. Our reputation is built on our commitment to facts. We’ve gained national recognition by having completed over 30,000 cases, delivering an unbiased statement of facts derived from lab testing, scientific examination, and methodology.

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Meet our Forensic Experts

We are Canada’s leading cross-disciplinary forensic engineering and fire investigation firm. We conduct thorough laboratory testing, examinations and apply scientific methodologies to determine findings derived from facts. We can be relied upon to appear in court as expert witnesses. We discover the truth by determining the facts and our team of forensic engineers and fire investigators work tirelessly to help clients find answers.

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Steve Klimpel

Fire and Explosion Investigator

Designation: CFEI

Steve specializes in fires and explosion investigation and has been accepted as an expert witness by the Ontario Supreme Court. He brings a rich 5-year experience as a Fire Investigator having worked on 147 fire/explosion investigations, 25 fatal fire investigations, and 15 explosion investigations. He also completed a certification in Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Investigator. He has completed certification programs in Criminal Civil Law, Fire Suppression, Fire Protection, Criminology, and Psychology.

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Michael Rice

Drone Operator/Collision Reconstructionist

Michael is a remotely piloted aerial systems operator with a specialization in field investigation and aerial scene mapping where he utilizes pix4d and drone deploy software to recreate and reconstruct collisions. He has been certified under the Transport Canada Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARS) along with being a Level 3 Collision Investigator and a Level 4 Reconstructionist. His commercial expertise allows him to operate RPAS to enhance field investigations in the areas of roof inspections, fire scene investigations, explosion scene investigations, site mapping for 2D and 3D modeling. Michael is also a commercial motor vehicle inspector working with community partners. He’s completed various Traffic Safety Officer Certifications and taken part in various Police Investigative/Leadership Courses. He also has 22 years of policing experience and 25 years of experience as a paramedic.

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Experts Engineering Analysis

We apply scientific methodology, examination, and lab testing to determine facts and present unbiased opinions. Our qualified team conducts meticulous field and lab work that makes a difference to legal outcomes and insurance claims. We ensure quick site attendance and provide frequent updates to client.

Our Services

Origin and Cause provides services in over 16 locations across Canada in all major forensic and investigative disciplines. We have handled over 1500 legal cases globally and are leaders in forensic litigation.

Relying Only on Facts

Origin and Cause is a trusted leader in the forensic and investigative industry having built a reputation on integrity and commitment to the facts. We provide accurate findings as our qualified experts conduct scientific research, examination, and laboratory testing to draw evidence-based conclusions. We can be called upon in court as expert witnesses to provide testimony and present unbiased opinions.

Leadership Team

Mazen Habash

President & Consulting Forensic Engineer

Shauna Hall

Branch Manager

George Costandi

Director – National Sales and Marketing

Vladimir Chlistovsky

Forensic Engineer and GTA Operations Manager

Art Beleda

Vice President Eastern Canada and Fire & Explosion Investigator

Peter Hamilton

Fire & Explosion Investigator and Atlantic Canada Manager

Steve Klimpel

Fire & Explosion Investigator and Operations Manager – Northern and Eastern Ontario/Atlantic Canada

Matthew Obach

Forensic Engineer and Branch Manager

Ryan Dobson

Fire & Explosion Investigator and Branch Manager

Said Ismail

Operations Manager – Ancaster, Electrical Forensic Engineer and Fire Investigator

Adam Lohonyai

Structural Forensics Practice Lead