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Drone-Assisted Inspections

Where advantageous and/or needed, we utilize our fleet of drones and certified drone operators to inspect areas that are difficult or unsafe to access, confined spaces like attics and crawlspaces, elevated surfaces such as roofs, high ceiling of commercial and industrial buildings, barns and silos, and locations impacted by an extreme weather event or a catastrophe.

Our drones can operate at cold temperatures as low as -20°C and can enter confined spaces as small as 2.0′ wide by 1.0′ high. We can also provide mapping of the damaged areas, which enables quick development of any required repair drawings for the damaged properties.

Our drone-assisted inspections are fast, often less than an hour, and provide our clients with many high-definition photos and videos, which enables fast and accurate structural assessment of failed connections and members. We live broadcast our drone-assisted inspections to our clients to observe the damaged property in real-time from the comfort of their offices.

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