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Extreme Weather Event Rapid Response

In recognition of the impact of climate change and to better serve our clients, we established a rapid response unit to quickly attend and assess scenes after an extreme weather event impacting a large number of properties like wind and snowstorms, flooding, and wildfires. We quickly mobilize our Extreme Weather Event Rapid Response Unit to attend the impacted area and provide initial assessment reports on the condition of the impacted properties to determine whether a structure is repairable or must be entirely demolished. Each rapid response unit consists of a structural engineer, a drone operator, and an estimator. We provide comprehensive loss mitigation instructions including structural shoring, temporary enclosures, and weather protection systems. Our clients enjoy the benefit of quick and cost-effective assessment of multiple losses as we utilize the most advanced technology including our fleet of commercial aerial and under-water drones, operated by experienced drone pilots, and our professional-grade infrared cameras.

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