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Onshore and Water-Holding Systems

Our experts have acquired significant experience in assessing onshore structures such as seawalls, docks, and boathouses that sustained damage due to strong winds, storm waves, and/or frozen lake water. On several occasions, we were able to uncover that pre-existing conditions, and not the natural event, were the main cause of damage. When needed, we utilized our tethered water drones to examine the part of the structure that was submerged under water.

We are also well versed in the examination of water holding structures such as swimming pools and septic tanks. Over the years, we inspected and analyzed dozens of swimming pool failures due to causes such as the corrosion of the steel walls and the collapse of concrete and fibreglass pools under lateral earth and water pressures. We not only evaluate existing septic and other classes of on-site sewage systems, but we also provide in-house designs to replace damaged ones where needed.

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