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Structural Damage Examination and Repair

Forensic Structural engineers at Origin and Cause can thoroughly examine the structural damage, determine the extent and the true cause of damage, and provide practical solutions to address the true cause of the damage and repair the structure. We have all the necessary tools including drone technology, thermal camera, and computer modeling and analysis software to help examine and assess the damage and find the true cause. We provide structural drawings, assist the client with building permit applications and provide consultation and general review of construction throughout the construction phase of a project.

When structural damage occurs after a weather event like wind, snow or flood, the damage is often mistakenly blamed on the weather event. However, the true (underlying) cause of the damage might be different than the apparent cause. If the structure is repaired without correctly diagnosing and addressing the true cause of damage, the damage will reappear. That is where forensic structural engineers at OCI come in to help you.

For example: you see a crack on the foundation wall after a flood. If you just repair, it might reappear. Because it is unclear whether it was caused by the flood, or long-term settlement, or vibration from roadwork beside the house, damaged waterproofing membrane of the wall, a construction deficiency of the foundation wall, or…. Any of these underlying problems might be the cause of damage. The flood may simply have brought a hidden problem to the surface. Therefore, it is crucial to identify the true cause of damage and address the structural problem from its root. That is what we are here for.

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