National Tour

Origin and Cause has been conducting Annual National Tours for the past few years and we’ve successfully completed our 5th National Tour. We cover a myriad of topics regarding forensic investigation, litigation claims, accidental reconstruction, usage of drones, etc. to shine a light on various procedures and methods followed by our adept team to uncover the cause of failure.

In the fifth iteration of the National Tour, we had an expert panel of speakers lined up to share their unique experiences and perspectives on complex claims. Our webinars covered the expertise of forensic engineers, litigators, and insurance adjusters as they discussed some of their most interesting cases and insights.

The fourth National Tour of 2020 was hosted virtually due to Covid-19 restrictions. Due to the economic turmoil caused by the pandemic, there was a rise in insurance fraud. We conducted various meetings with industry experts and corroborated this claim. We came across a host of suspicious claims over the past year and thus the topic being covered in this tour was around suspicious insurance claims based on Breaking and Entering, Structure Fires, and Structural and Vehicular Damage. Our webinars laid out various tips and guidelines to help adjusters, lawyers, litigators, and insurance managers identify fraudulent charges.

Our third National Tour took place in 2019 where our team traveled across the country to discuss the three common losses associated with structural fires, water claims, and vehicle claims. Our presentations were headed by industry experts to allow you to gain insight into the investigative process, litigation procedures, and factors that might affect subrogation.