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Building Envelope Investigation of A Lakeside Residence

July 8, 2021

Project Manager:

Adam Lohonyai, M.Eng., P.Eng.

Technical Experts Involved:

Adam Lohonyai, M.Eng., P.Eng.

Incident Description

A lakeside residence was struck by a falling tree during a windstorm. After the damage to the home had been repaired, small leaks were discovered in the ceiling. Multiple attempts by two different contractors to correct the problem were unsuccessful. Origin and Cause Inc. was retained to determine the probable source of the leaks and to discuss appropriate repair measures with the contractor.


A visual examination of the home was carried out, supplemented with infrared thermography and selective probing with a moisture content meter to search for the probable source of the leaks. The homeowner also reported that the leaks only occurred when there had been a recent rain event with wind driving the water against the lakeshore-facing side of the house.

Cause of Loss

Origin and Cause Inc. determined that the leaks had been caused by wind-driven rain entering around the second-storey windows on the lakeshore-facing side of the house. These windows had not been properly flashed when they were installed after the tree impact and none of the previous repair attempts had addressed this source of leakage.