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The Calgary Herald Speaks to Dennis Friesen About the Intricacies of Origin and Cause Investigations

April 29, 2015

Hear fire and explosion investigator Dennis Friesen’s expert opinion on the most likely causes of fire, his investigation process and important fire safety tips.

“Smoke is sometimes still choking the air when Dennis Friesen arrives to a scene, in the hours after a devastating house fire.  There’s a chemical tang in the air that sears the nostrils, and a clean white outline on the floor.  The outline is in the shape of a person curled into the fetal position, the edges neatly painted by smoke particles.

Dennis is not with the fire department, or the police, but he’s there, in plain clothes, alongside those agencies to investigate what happened here. He and his partners work for Origin and Cause, a company that’s recently begun work in Calgary.” – Erin Lawrence for The Calgary Herald

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Private fire investigator is part detective, part scientist. And he has some words of advice for staying safe