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Drone Inspection Services

We deploy a wide array of compact drone systems to restricted scenes and confined spaces to accurately collect data, photographs, and videos crucial to an investigation.

Our team of structural engineers direct our certified advanced drone pilots to fly inside areas which otherwise would be hazardous or unsafe. Our ability to fly the interior and exterior of a site, when access would be otherwise prohibited or dangerous, provides our clients with all the information required for a structural evaluation of compromised facilities without costly shoring measures and delays. The capability of our drones to live broadcast means our structural engineer and pilot can perform an aerial inspection without attending the site at the same time, and our clients can view the scene in real time from their office.

Current Applications

  • Damaged structures which are prohibited or dangerous to enter
  • Interior and exterior drone inspections of trusses and roof lines
  • High resolution photographic documentation
  • Flights in confined spaces, including attics, crawlspaces, and collapsed structures

Key Features

  • Flexible lineup of drones for a multitude of both interior and exterior inspection
  • Drone operators with Advanced Drone Pilot Certification by Transport Canada
  • Pilots able to deploy anywhere in Canada
  • High-definition digital photography and videography collected
  • Unique perspective to our investigations both to the interior and exterior of structures
  • Complete 2- and 3-dimensional models for structural engineers for measurements, slope and area calculation with Drone Deploy software
  • Increased site safety by keeping investigators on the ground
  • Self-heating drone technology allows aircraft to fly in below-freezing temperatures
  • Detailed Inspection report from engineers includes drone aerial photos, maps and Aerial Panorama 360
  • Short videos with labeled damage for client review as a supplement to a report


  • Catastrophe Inspection Team (CAT), current discussions with Crawford on costing (Caribbean Hurricane Damage)
  • Environmental Impact Drone Inspections -Reach out to Ministry of the Environment, Ontario
  • Thermal -Renewable Energy Sector Inspections ( Solar Farm, Wind Farm)
  • Expanded Large Loss inspection Marketing
  • Domestic Catastrophe Drone Inspections to Ontario Adjusters ( Flooding , Wind Damage, Toronado )
    How Drones Will Change the Insurance Industry (thebalancesmb.com)
  • Water Damage Claims – Preventative Inspections , Urban Flat roofs ( Water Penetration examination with thermal)
  • Municipal Infrastructure Inspections
  • Discussion on Training Western investigators inhouse with Darren Keuhl for scene drone operations

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