Our Services

Electrical Engineering

Electrical forensic engineers investigate failures in the design, installation and maintenance of electrical equipment and systems, and determine the causes of personal injury and fires suspected to be caused by electrical failures.
Our services include investigations of electrical and electronic systems on private, commercial, industrial and agricultural properties, ships, vehicles, equipment, power systems and transformers.

Types of Investigations
  • Fire investigations in general
  • Fire investigations involving electrical issues/circumstances
  • Dealing with electrical issues/circumstances as assists on other fire investigations
  • Electrical failures of high voltage equipment such as switchgear, panel boards, transformers, underground wiring/feeder lines
  • Product liability/consumer product/equipment failures and malfunctions
  • Personal injury due to electrical failures and malfunctions including electric shock and electrocutions
  • Alarm systems analysis (fire, security, environmental)
  • Video footage extraction and analysis
  • Point-of-sales systems extraction and analysis
  • Farm equipment/greenhouse control failures and malfunctions such as ventilation problems causing crop damage or livestock detrimental effects or death
  • Scope of work review of electrical remediation following an incident
  • Electrical motor and generator failures, including those in power and hydro stations;
  • Distribution system overhead line failures;
  • Neon and LED sign fires
  • Fires of HID and fluorescent light circuits/ballasts
  • Evaluating lightning strike incidents
  • Code compliance
  • Static electricity incidents
  • Non-destructive analysis of equipment through x-ray imaging
Alarm Systems

An alarm system can be a very helpful tool when investigating a claim. Security systems, fire systems, and environmental control alarms can be used as “black boxes” to help investigators. Our experts can determine why an alarm failed and uncover details that may be essential in the resolution of a claim. They can determine if a system was tampered with, if it was armed and when, whether it was disarmed, the path of a fire, and who was in the building (and may have had opportunity to disarm the system). Having a system examined by an expert immediately after an incident can provide key details that would otherwise remain uncovered.