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Forensic Litigation Services


A forensic investigation puts a lawyer’s hand on the pulse of the case, providing a clear grasp of a case’s facts. Is it in their best interest to pursue litigation or is it time to settle the case? Sometimes the facts are not on the client’s side, no matter how much everyone wants them to be. The sooner the lawyer is aware of this, the sooner they can start advising your client of their options, and game-plan a settlement strategy.


Investigators and engineers have a wealth of experience presenting to judges, juries, arbitrators and committees. They know what verbal markers laypeople need to fully appreciate the nuances of an incident. At the same time, they can explain events and consequences to more specialized audiences.


Most importantly, they know how to maintain their credibility by delivering the facts without a hint of bias and without appearing to advocate for their clients. They are there to assist the court; and if/when there is evidence that does not assist the client’s case, they may be able to determine if this evidence is unrelated.