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Materials, Product and Equipment Failures


Product, system and equipment failures can often be traced to the failure of one specific component or material. Origin and Cause materials engineers work to determine how and why a failure occurred, whether due to misuse, a material or manufacturing defect, design deficiency, or improper installation.  


We start by gathering key information about the way the item was used, the materials used in its manufacture, its service history, and failure rate. Then, using laboratory tests and other scientific investigative techniques, we determine the root cause of the product failure or injury.  


Our forensic materials engineers are experts in metallurgical failure analysis and are equipped to handle any incident, from the initial investigation through to providing written reports and expert witness testimony. 


Types of Investigations


While we are equipped and ready to handle any material and metallurgical material related incidents, there are a number of investigations we commonly see.

  • Product liability, litigation and subrogation investigations
  • Consumer product failure analysis
  • Industrial installation related failures
  • Equipment and product failure analysis
  • Plumbing systems failures
  • HVAC systems failures
  • Sprinkler system failures
  • Automotive engine and drivetrain components failures
  • Residential and commercial oil spills
  • Corrosion related failures
  • Personal injury related to misuse and/or defective products
  • Fractography
  • Materials (metallic, plastics, ceramics, glasses) testing and characterization
  • Metallurgical evaluation of microstructures
  • Chemical analysis
  • Codes, standards, specifications review and interpretation