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Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical equipment and components can be contributing factor in many types incidents, from vehicle and heavy equipment fire and explosions to machine failures. In the event of an accident, malfunction or failure, our mechanical engineers apply scientific methods and investigative techniques to determine the cause.  


Our mechanical engineers are experts in failure analysis. They have the tools and technical skills to determine how and why an unintended event may have occurred, taking into account the numerous forces and factors at play, and if it is likely to reoccur.  


Through careful examination and testing of mechanical components and devices they can determine both the mode of failure while also corroborating compliance with regulatory codes and industry standards.


Areas of Expertise
  • Industrial machinery
  • Vehicle components
  • Consumer products
  • Highway vehicles
  • Heavy equipment
Types of Investigations

While we are equipped and ready to handle any mechanical engineering related incidents, there are a number of investigations we commonly see:

  • Diesel truck, generator and heavy equipment fire and explosions
  • Vehicle and heavy equipment fire and explosions:
    • Private passenger vehicles, tractor-trailers,  forestry equipment, commercial passenger vehicles, marine, agriculture, construction, and industrial equipment
  • Marine, agriculture and construction equipment fire and explosions
  • Engine failures: Examination of failure modes and mechanisms
  • Examination and evaluation of compliance of the various subsystems and controls including hydraulic and pneumatic controls, programmable logic controls (PLCs), sensor and electrical control systems
  • Machinery and mechanical failure analyses covering a full spectrum of manufacturing environments
  • Equipment damage assessment
  • Locomotive and rail car mechanical failures 
  • Automotive and motorcycle failures
  • Failure analysis due to stress, wear, fatigue, overload and corrosion
  • Heating and ventilation systems