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Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical department at Origin and Cause consists of mechanical engineers and other investigators with specialized training and experience in examining losses involving mechanical items and vehicles. There is broad range of items which fall under the category of mechanical losses, including smaller items, such as sump pumps or clothes dryers, going to passenger vehicles up to highway tractors and into larger equipment such as agricultural equipment, forestry equipment or construction and mining equipment. Investigating these types of losses requires knowledge in fire science and origin determination along with specialized knowledge in the different vehicles or systems that are being examined so that all potential fire causes can be identified. Our mechanical investigators will conduct preliminary examinations and host or participate in joint examinations with involved parties, such a vehicle or equipment manufacturers, service companies, installers, etc. Our group also works with Transport Canada and has been involved in identifying failures which have resulted in Transport Canada recalls.

As the spectrum of mechanical losses is so varied and wide, if you have a loss that may fall in this category reach out to Origin and Cause or any of our mechanical experts and we will discuss ways we can assist in this type of loss.

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