Our Services

Structural Engineering


When storms, fires, accidents, or other events damage structures, Origin and Cause forensic structural engineers provide clients with accurate and swift analysis to answer their questions and help them move forward.


Our experience encompasses wood, steel, concrete, masonry, and aluminum structures, both modern and old. Whether you need to determine the cause of the failure, the extent of the related damage, emergency safety measures, or how to restore the damage, we can assist. From initial damage assessments to general field reviews of construction and every step in between, we are here to be your trusted advisors to provide accurate, evidence-based opinions and practical solutions.


We also offer construction litigation support help you resolve matters for insurance and legal purposes. Our structural forensic engineers provide expert witness testimony in court and are able offer valuable insights into claims and cases involving industrial, commercial and residential construction.


Structural Engineering Services
  • Expert witness/litigation support
  • Damage assessments
  • Scope of immediate structural safety measures
  • Preparation of engineering reports
  • Preparation of engineering drawings for repair or reconstruction
  • Building code reviews
  • Building envelope assessments
  • Scope of structural repair
  • Building permit applications
  • Conservation Authority work permit applications
  • General field review during construction
  • Hazardous Building Materials Assessments*
  • HVAC designs*
  • Property surveys and grading plans*
  • Septic system designs*

*services co-ordinated through preferred partners


Claims/Events  Structures 
  • Fire  
  • Explosion  
  • Construction Ground Vibration  
  • Wind  
  • Snow & Ice  
  • Tree Impacts  
  • Vehicle Impacts  
  • Lightning Strikes  
  • Construction Defects  
  • Foundation Issues  
  • Building Envelope/Enclosure  
  • Water Damage  
  • Structural Collapse  
  • Failure Investigation 
  • Residential  
  • Commercial  
  • Industrial  
  • Institutional  
  • Agricultural / Farm  
  • Recreational  
  • Cranes  
  • Pedestrian Bridges  
  • Retaining Walls  
  • Signs  
  • Silos  
  • Storage Racks  
  • Swimming Pools  
  • Utility Poles