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Structural Forensics Engineering

When wind, snowstorms, fires, vehicle impacts, tree falls, or other events damage structures, Origin and Cause forensic structural engineers provide clients with accurate and swift assessment to determine the extent of damage, and provide practical solutions to repair or rebuild the damaged structure. We provide structural drawings and HVAC design and assist the client with Building permit application. We will also help the contractors throughout the project, providing clarifications of our structural drawings and general field review of construction. We also provide shoring design for emergency contractors to stabilize and repair unsafe structures.

The OCI experienced Structural Forensic Engineers also help the client determine the root cause of damage. Often, the apparent cause of damage is misleading. So, determining the true cause is crucial because it affects the required structural repair design and the insurance coverage. For example, a crack in the ceiling finishes after a snowstorm is often perceived to be caused by the weight or snow. However, it can be caused by pre-existing construction deficiencies, or gradual foundation settlement, or long-term deterioration of the roof structure. OCI engineers are equipped with years of experience, expertise and resources to determine the root cause of damage and provide repairs solution to correct the problem from the root.

Our team is equipped with different types of drones to produce maps of the damaged area, take aerial photographs, and take photos and videos in unsafe and hard to reach areas like attics and partially collapsed structures. We are also equipped with thermal cameras and thermal drones that help us quickly and accurately assess water and thermal leakage of buildings.

We have completed thousands of structural forensic investigations; our experience encompasses wood, steel, concrete, masonry, and aluminum structures, both modern and old. We have experience with diverse types of structures ranging from, residential and commercial buildings to silos, barns and docks.

We also offer construction litigation support help you resolve matters for insurance and legal purposes. Our structural forensic engineers provide expert witness testimony in court and are able offer valuable insights into claims and cases involving industrial, commercial and residential construction.

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Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia

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