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Accident Reconstruction: Putting the Pieces Together

March 23, 2022

The purpose of collision reconstruction is to answer the questions “how” and “why” an accident happened. There are numerous factors to be considered, all of which add up to an understanding of the events that took place. Of course, not all accidents are the same. A collision involving a car is different than one involving a motorcycle, pedestrian or commercial motor vehicle, and each has unique challenges.

In this webinar, we will be walking through the process of a collision reconstruction, examining all available data, in order to arrive at an accurate conclusion. We will also be reviewing multiple case studies:

  • Motor Vehicle Collision
  • Motorcycle Collision
  • Pedestrian Collision
  • Commercial Motor Vehicle Collision

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All Attendees Will Receive a Completion Certificate

Accredited in British Columbia and Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.


Jeff Inch

Drone Operator/Collision Reconstructionist

Jeff is a Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems Operator specializing in pre-loss and post-loss site inspections, field investigations and aerial scene mapping using Pix4D and Drone Deploy software. He is also a Level 3 Traffic Collision Investigator and a Level 4 Collision Reconstructionist with over 22 years of policing experience, including five years as a Forensic Identification Officer and 9 years in traffic services. Jeff is qualified to image, analyze and interpret vehicle air bag control modules. He has served in a supervisory role for a major municipal police agency overseeing traffic services including collision reconstruction as well as managing his services drone program.

Michael Rice

Drone Operator/Collision Reconstructionist

Michael is a remotely piloted aerial systems operator specializing in field investigations and aerial scene mapping using pix4d and drone deploy software for collision reconstruction. He is a level 3 technical collision investigator and a level 4 collision reconstructionist and is trained in crash data retrieval, pedestrian collision investigation, motorcycle collision investigation and heavy truck collision investigation. Michael is also a commercial motor vehicle inspector who has worked with community partners such as the Ontario Provincial Police, Ministry of Transportation as well as numerous municipal police agencies with strategic enforcement initiatives. He has 22 years of policing experience and 25 years of experience in the medical field as a paramedic.