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Natural Gas and Propane Explosions: Explored and Explained

June 14, 2023

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Gas explosions are, thankfully, relatively rare in Canada. This can be largely attributed to the established regulatory bodies, industry standards, and safety protocols that minimize the risks associated with handling and distribution. However, in the case of gas explosions, the magnitude overshadows the frequency. Because despite all the precautionary measures in place, natural gas and propane explosions can still occur at points all along the supply chain, and when they do, they are highly destructive and pose significant risks to people and property.

In this webinar we will review the natural gas distribution system as well as the different properties of natural gas and propane. We will examine how explosions can occur and how investigations are conducted, including critical safety measures and special considerations that should be taken when attending a scene.

All Attendees Will Receive a Completion Certificate

Accredited in Manitoba. British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.


Mark Mason, G1, LP, PM2, CFEI, CVFI
Fire Investigator and HVAC/Fuels Specialist 

Mark has worked for the provincial downstream hydrocarbon regulator in Ontario for approximately 14 years. He has led over 500 fire and 100 explosion investigations involving natural gas, propane, fuel oil, diesel, gasoline, hydrogen, digester and landfill gas. Mark has extensive experience in hydrocarbon appliance operation and failure mechanisms, and expert knowledge of all Canadian codes and regulations with respect to hydrocarbon fuels. Mark worked for the Alberta Energy Regulator for 2 years where he specialized in pipeline inspection and failure investigations with respect to the upstream oil and gas industry. Mark has CFEI, G1, LP, PM2 certifications and over 25 years of experience in the hydrocarbon fuels industry.