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Residential Oil Spills: a Messy Business

February 24, 2016

Residential oil spills are a high-risk situation for all parties involved; they pose a significant threat to the environment and can prove to be extremely costly. According to the IBC, from 2008 to 2011, $78.5 million was paid out on oil tank spills.1

When an oil tank leaks, there is a very short window of opportunity in which to collect all of the necessary information, so it is critical to have a strategy in place. Because of the complexity of these claims, often there are a lot of stakeholders involved on the onset; and more people create more opportunities for the scene to be contaminated – which can result in errors that compromise the integrity of the physical evidence.

  • Do you know all the questions you should be asking right away?
  • Do you know what essential pieces of information should be collected?
  • Do you know what to do and what NOT to do in oil spill claims?
  • Do you have a response plan in place?

From the moment you are notified of an oil leak/spill, you MUST react quickly to mitigate the loss, while balancing the need to getting all the appropriate experts out to document the scene and evidence.

Watch our 1 hour FREE webinar where our Forensic Engineer, Dinu Matei, and guest speaker, Adam Grant, Partner at McCague Borlack, discuss oil spill claims from both the forensic and legal standpoint, to address things such as:

  • Types of oil tanks – 101
  • The most common types and causes of spills
  • The do’s and don’ts in an oil spill investigation
  • Steps to take at the onset of the subrogation process
  • Litigation strategies

Recommended for:

  • Insurance adjusters
  • Lawyers

Watch the Webinar:

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About the Speakers

Dinu Matei is a Consulting Forensic Engineer at Origin and Cause and specializes in metallurgical, materials and mechanical failure analysis. During the course of his career, he has been involved in more than 1000 failure investigations of various metallic and non-metallic components, and in 23 projects leading to the development of new materials and processes.

Adam Grant has acted on a range of civil motions, trials, appeals, and mediations for a broad range of clients involving many aspects of business and insurance litigation including construction liens, corporate oppression, and breach of trust. His practice at McCague Borlack is primarily focused on subrogation matters, involving all types of losses including fires, floods, theft, negligent construction, product and equipment defects. McCague Borlack LLP is a member of the Canadian Litigation Counsel, a nationwide affiliation of independent law firms. Through CLC’s association with The Harmonie Group & DAC Beachcroft, our clients have access to legal excellence throughout North America, Mexico, the U.K. and Europe.

George Costandi, who will be moderating the discussion, leads the marketing and sales department at Origin and Cause. He is responsible for the development and implementation of the organization’s marketing and sales strategies, most recently leading Origin and Cause’s rebrand initiative. George acts as a liaison between clients and internal operational staff, ensuring the highest standard of client relations and product quality is delivered to our business partners.


1The Chronicle Herald. “Oil Spills: Don’t Be Left Out in the Cold” http://thechronicleherald.ca/opinion/404204-oil-spills-don-t-be-left-out-in-the-cold