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With Great Power: Misuse of Electrical Equipment

June 22, 2022

The misuse or improper use of electrical products and devices contributes to significant property damage and loss of life every year. According to the NFPA, electrical failure or malfunction fires in the US caused an estimated $1.5 billion USD a year in direct property damage between 2015–2019.

Improper use of electrical devices/equipment can take on a multitude of forms:

  • Misuse of appliances
  • Using products/components of products for unintended purposes
  • Improper use of electrical devices, such as overloading products

One of challenges surrounding misuse is correctly identifying it – disguising it from a product safety issue or manufacturer defect and determining if it was a case of negligence or if there was intent. In this webinar, we will be reviewing case studies that outline the ways in which electrical products and devices are misused and sharing some tips on evidence preservation, which can play a key role in maximizing subrogation potential.

Recommended for:

  • Insurance adjusters
  • Lawyers
  • Risk Managers

All Attendees Will Receive a Completion Certificate

Accredited in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba


Said Ismail, P.Eng., CFEI
Electrical Forensic Engineer

Said is a licensed professional engineer and certified fire and explosion investigator with over 15 years of experience. He specializes in electrical and electronic failures, product liability and fire investigation, with particular expertise in codes and standards compliance. Said has overseen hundreds of investigations identifying the failure of equipment, installations and processes which contributed to electrical incidents, and has performed over 60 investigations to determine the root causes of electrical incidents which resulted in critical injuries, fatalities and/or large losses.

Tristan Delorme, B.Sc., B.A.Sc., CFEI
Electrical Forensic EIT

Tristan is a Forensic EIT and a Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Science from the University of Ottawa. His professional experience includes conducting failure analyses and examinations. Tristan has attended and assisted in over 104 mechanical, electrical, and metallurgical lab examinations, and has attended and assisted in over 300 fire investigations.